Mountain biking: amazing acrobats

Those who qualify to appear in these radical films are certainly daring, but behind the acrobatic prowess of Cirque du Soleil, a perfect mastery of each movement is apparent. Each pedal stroke can lead to a perfectly executed backflip or cash roll (180 + backflip + 180) or to a monumental fall where the bones of the body can shatter like chips in the bottom of a bag.

The perseverance and determination of these acrobats who expose themselves to violent impacts in case of clumsiness is rarely mentioned. But landing on two wheels like a cat jumping from a second story takes a skill that requires a professional level of commitment.

Most movements require amplitude, power, dexterity, speed and precision. Their gestures seem aggressive, almost violent, but these virtuosos must perform them with finesse and flexibility. And to amaze the spectators that we are, it takes hundreds of hours of practice and undoubtedly falls, but it is the only way to stun us and even stun us.