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the program

The program will be available in mid-December. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know or follow us on Facebook. The list of films will be unveiled here
The Quebec Tour team travels to the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival, which takes place every year at the end of October and beginning of November in the heart of Banff National Park in Alberta, to see the hundred or so films in the official selection. Then, with the collaboration of the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival team, we select the short and medium-length films that will be presented in Quebec. The quality of the images, the variety of themes and locations, the originality of the subject matter and treatment are essential elements to consider. The same goes for sexual and gender diversity.
Ensuring genre diversity is one of the goals of our team when building the program. The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival is always on the lookout for films that reflect the diversity of our society. In the end, it is the overall quality of the film (images, script, originality of the theme and the protagonists’ words, treatment, rhythm, etc.) that determines whether or not it is selected.
We do not own the rights to the films you see on the Tour, so we cannot sell copies for home viewing or create DVD compilations. Our rights are limited to the screening of the current year’s films. Each director is free to distribute his film as he wishes. Do you have a question about a particular film? Please contact us.
The introductory video at the beginning of each evening features footage from the Banff Festival films, as well as footage to recognize the contributions of the national sponsors. Their support is essential to the development of the festival and its world tour. These same partners are the ones who present the door prizes that are drawn on stage after the break during each performance. The organizers of the Quebec tour do not receive any financial remuneration from these sponsors.

the tour

Performances are 3 hours long, including intermission and raffle. We open the doors to the theatre approximately 1 hour before the performance begins. Most venues are general admission, so we recommend arriving early to ensure good seats and to ensure a fluidity with the control of the sanitary passes. The evening begins with the official World Tour introduction video. Then, each film is introduced on stage with a short animation. After intermission, there will be a draw for door prizes donated by the Festival’s partners.
Yes, you will be required to present your health passport and identification upon arrival. Please note that masks must be worn at all times during the evening.
The Festival team does not keep a waiting list so there is no need to contact us about this. We advise you to look for another date or a city near you!On the night of the performance, a ticket office will be open. It is possible that tickets may become available. The policy is that tickets not claimed by 7:00 pm (start of the performance) will be released for sale on the spot if people are waiting. However, we cannot guarantee that any will be available.
Tickets are available on the evening of the performance. Please note, however, that we recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line at the box office and missing the start of the performance. More importantly, some evenings sell out days before the performance. In the end, it’s best to have your tickets in your pocket as soon as possible.

radical reels

It is still too early to confirm the event! Stay tuned via our social networks or our newsletter.
The Radical Reels evening includes many elements of the World Tour screenings. However, the focus is on 100% adrenaline films featuring action sports such as skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, basejumping, snowboarding and new sports such as snowkiting. These activities continue to be included in the World Tour, but Radical Reels is aimed at an audience that prefers action. In addition, the programming planned for this evening is unique and different from that presented during the Tour. Radical Reels is the perfect night for those who want to be adventurous! Please note that all films are presented in their original version (often in English) and are not subtitled in French.

general questions

To submit a film, you must register directly with the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival team. Anyone, professional or amateur, is encouraged to submit a film. The important thing is to have an inspiring story, treated with originality, supported by quality images. The length of a film does not guarantee its quality! Sometimes it is better to have a well-crafted 5-minute film than a 45-minute film where the story is unnecessarily long and the pace does not capture the attention. The registration period usually runs from May to August.
The Festival stops in 21 cities in Quebec and covers a vast territory from January to March. We are always open to the possibility of stopping in other cities or regions. You think you are an outdoor destination and that an audience would be interested in the event? Let’s talk!

Yes, volunteers are welcome for the 2022 tour! To apply, write to us

the program

How does the virtual version of the Festival work?
For this year, the Festival goes into virtual mode. No indoor presentation is planned. There will still be some advantages to not being able to meet up as we have done for several years! Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be able to watch the films at your own pace and on the device of your choice. The bigger your screen, the better the experience! New! Four programs composed of distinct films are available. Possibility to buy the "Total" pass which gives access to all the films of the Blue, Red and Radical Reels programs (option available from February 10, 2021).

Please check the compatibility of your equipment with the eventive viewing platform by going to this page.
How does the screening work?
The films will be viewed via a video on demand platform. Each of the four programs is composed of several short and medium-length films. Depending on what you have chosen, you will have access to 120 to 141 minutes per program. If you have chosen the Double Program, which gives you access to the Blue and Red programs, you will have access to 17 films for a total of a little over four hours. The Total Program gives you access to all the films in the Blue, Red and Radical Reels programs for a total of 25 films! You will have 12 days to watch all the movies from the beginning of the viewing time. You can stop the movie, resume it, or re-watch it during the period you are assigned. BEFORE BUYING. Be sure to check the compatibility of your equipment with the eventive viewing platform by visiting th page (available in 4 languages).
Is there a limited number of tickets available?
No. The platform used is powerful and has been proven in use by several major film festivals around the world.

AVANT D’ACHETER. Be sure to check the compatibility of your equipment with the eventive viewing platform by visiting th page (available in 4 languages).
Is there a deadline for purchasing a ticket?
Back by popular demand, the ticket office will reopen on February 10, 2021! (Phase 1 of the ticketing process ended on January 31, 2021).
How do I purchase a ticket?
Go to the Box Office page of this site and follow the instructions on that page. If you choose to watch the movies on your TV, please note that eventive supports the following options:
    • Connect your computer with an HDMI cable (definitely the easiest solution!)
    • Download the Eventive TV application on Apple TV (generation 4 or higher) or Roku devices
    • Use AirPlay if you have a Mac or iOSO device
    • Use Chromecast to "launch" from the Chrome launched from a computer or Android device
Please note that eventive does not support Smart TV browsers, Firestick or game consoles at this time. The eventive platform is constantly improving compatibility. A complete list of compatible devices and instructions for each option can be found on the support site here.
What is the difference between Solo and Household tickets
Which option should I choose? "It's a personal decision," says Stéphane Corbeil, the tour's instigator. Am I alone in listening to the films or will there be more than one person in front of the screen?" An advantageous pricing is offered for people who want to be in solidarity with the Quebec tour by opting for the Household option which takes into account that several people will enjoy the films together. A big thank you to all of you for being faithful to this annual event! Translated with (free version)
How to give a ticket as a gift?
To offer a ticket as a gift, you have 2 options
  • Want to buy it now but send it later? Simply purchase the ticket by entering your email address. The purchase confirmation will be sent to your address. When you are ready to send it to the lucky person, you must log in to your Eventive account created at the time of purchase and click on the little wheel in front of the purchased ticket. The option to transfer the ticket will then be available. Simply enter the email address of the person in question.
  • Want to buy the ticket and give it away right away? Once you have clicked on the program you want to give away (Blue, Red, Radical Reel or Double Program), you then need to click on the (very) small line with a heart in front of it, labeled "Give as a gift". Then simply answer the questions that appear on the screen.
BEFORE BUYING. Be sure to check the compatibility of your equipment with the eventive viewing platform by visiting th page (available in 4 languages).
I did not receive an email confirmation
A purchase confirmation is sent to the email address used for the transaction. WARNING! If you create your account with Facebook or using an auto-fill registration tool, your email address may be inactive or unrecoverable. Be sure to enter an email address that you use regularly. If it is not in your regular email inbox, check your "junk" (SPAM). It is important to make sure you have completed the purchase process. Still nothing on the horizon? Send us an email and our team will investigate as quickly as possible and resolve the situation.
Can I go back and restart a movie?
Yes. You have full access to the entire program during your 12-day viewing window.

Can I watch a program on different screens at the same time? Non, il n’est pas possible de visionner un programme sur plusieurs écrans en simultanée.

BEFORE BUYING. Be sure to check the compatibility of your equipment with the eventive viewing platform by visiting th page (available in 4 languages).
VPN technical problem
If at the time of the transaction, a message related to your VPN (Virtual private network) appears, then you should contact the technical support team of the eventive platform (the platform on which you made the transaction and on which the viewing of the movies takes place). The VPN or the fact that your network provider is based outside the geo-restricted area may be the reason for the problem. Eventive's technical team will be able to verify your location and, if necessary, whitelist your IP address manually. Please note that we hold the broadcast rights for the Canadian territory only.