When does the program come out?

The program is revealed every year in mid-December. To be among the first to know, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook. The line-up of films will be posted here:

How do you select the films?

The Quebec Tour team attends the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which happens every year in late November in the heart of Banff National Park in Alberta, to watch the hundred or so films in the official selection. Then, with the help of the team at the Banff Centre, we select the shorts and features that will be screened in Quebec.

How do I get a copy of my favourite film? Do you sell a compilation DVD of all of the films?

We do not own the home video rights to any of the films you see on tour or at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, so we cannot sell you a copy for home viewing or produce a compilation DVD. Each director can do what he wants with his film. If you have a question on a specific film, contact us!

Why aren’t there more films featuring women?

This is an ongoing interest for both audiences, our team and the Banff Centre, so we pro-actively look for films that feature women. Regrettably, the number of suitable high quality films produced and entered in a given year is often quite low. We encourage filmmakers and female athletes to create and submit films that include women, and we hope to be able to present more in the future.


How does a festival evening proceed?

Screenings last 3 hours, including the intermission. Doors open 1 hour before the start of the screenings. Most theatres are general admission, so we recommend arriving early to be sure of getting a good seat. The evening begins with the official World Tour presentation video. Each film is then preceded by a brief introduction. Right after the intermission, there is a drawing for door prizes offered by the Festival partners.

What can I do if it says a screening is sold out?

The festival team doesn’t keep a waiting list, so please don’t contact us to ask about this. When a screening is advertised as sold out online, we suggest that you find out whether any tickets remain in a partner store (you contact them to check availability). If there are none left, you might want to choose another date or another city near you.

The box office will be open on the evening of the screening, and some tickets may become available at the last minute. The policy is as follows: any tickets unclaimed 7:00 pm (the time the screening starts) will be sold onsite if anyone is waiting in line. There’s no guarantee, however, that any last-minute tickets will be available.

Are tickets available at the door on the evening of the screening?

Yes; there will be a box office open on the evening of the screening if tickets remain. We strongly recommend, however, that you buy tickets online in advance, to avoid having to wait in line at the box office and potentially miss the start of the screening.


What is the Radical Reels Tour? How is it different from the traditional Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour?

The Radical Reels Tour presentations include many of the same elements as the World Tour screenings, but the focus is on dynamic, high-adrenaline films featuring sports such as skiing, climbing, kayaking, BASE jumping, snowboarding and mountain biking, and new sports such as snow-kiting and speed-riding. These activities continue to be included on the World Tour, but the Radical Reels Tour is intended for audiences who prefer screenings that primarily include action sports films.


How do I submit a film?

The global Festival adventure begins in Banff in November. To submit a film, you must therefore register directly with the Banff Mountain Film Festival team. The registration period normally runs from May to August. You can find all the details here.

How do I bring the Festival to my community?

The Festival Tour stops in 24 cities across Quebec, covering quite an extensive territory, from January to March. We are always open, of course, to expanding to other cities or regions. If you consider your community to be an outdoor destination with an audience that would be interested in the event, let’s talk! (Please note that contracts are negotiated about a year in advance, so it’s not possible to add a stop after the Tour has already started.)

You can also present the Tour as part of a private event or a teambuilding exercise (some conditions and restrictions apply). Contact us!

How to become a volunteer?

We are always looking for people ready to help during the event. You know the tour? You attend it every year and want to get involved? Contact us for more details!